Since I was a little girl, I have always loved expressing myself through 

Fashion (and as embarrassing as it is to admit, when Iwas little I used

to do ‘Fashion and Jewellery shows’  – que the monkey emoji face).

Fashion gave me freedom. 


In 2016, I went through a personal struggle and in that time of  finding

myself again I began making jewellery as a hobby to keep my busy buzzy

mind occupied. But it soon turned into something more, I fell totally

in love with this art form. There was something magic about creating

bright, vibrant and unique designs that lit me up. 


It was from there that Mairead May Designs was born ( previously known

as The Wandering Mermaids).

I am a one woman band from designing and making the pieces, packing

and posting orders, running the website and social media - which includes

creating content and responding to queires. It's lots of work but I wouldn't

have it any other way and I do it all with love in my heart


I really hope my little corner of the internet is a happy place where people

can feel free to embrace who they are. I hope it brings some colour into a 

person’s world on those days where they are struggling and can’t seem to

see the light.


Thank you so much for visiting my page and for your support. It means so 

much more than I could ever put into words. 


I will leave you with my favourite quote :


The Greater Your Storm The Brighter Your Rainbow

All My Love,

Mairead May xox 


Hi, Hello, hey ! My name is Mairead and I am the one woman band behind Mairead May Designs !


Mairead May Designs is a little happy haven for Vibrant, Colourful

 Human Beans. It is a space where there is no such thing as too much colour and where being 'different' is celebrated - our differences are what make us wonderful right ?!

Mairead May, owner, founder and creative at Mairead May Designs - Ft Kitty Cat Queen T